Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kushyfoot Product Review

Recently, the folks at Lipton Publicity asked if they could send me road test samples of tights from Kushyfoot to try out, and subsequently feature on the blog.  Being a frequent wearer of tights (and already owning several pair of Kushyfoot tights myself), I welcomed the opportunity to take this challenge... 

Kushyfoot Rib Fashion Tights: I love incorporating pattern into my outfit with tights.  The ribbing on this black pair translates into a variegated vertical stripe pattern (that's both fun and elegant). Of course, my favorite thing about Kushyfoot tights is the massaging soles. They are so cushy and comfy.

Kushyfoot Fishnet Fashion Tights: Tis nearly the season of holiday parties and gatherings, and I've got several great dresses I'll wear with this highly fashionable pair of tights.  These are the sturdiest pair of fishnet tights I've worn yet (and, I've donned many a pair over the years!).  This is a definite plus in my book as it means they're less likely to rip or fray (Hooray!). 

Kushyfoot Micro Crew:  I was excited to find these amongst the road samples sent to me.  You see, I've owned a pair of these, myself, for about six months now, and I'm totally sold on them.  The comfort band is so effective, I often forget I'm wearing them. Another plus is that the pair I already own has held up beautifully after repeated wear.  Of course, like the other two Kushyfoot products I've featured today, these also have those yummy massaging soles.  I often wear my pair of these with heels and dress pants (a classy touch on those days when I have important business meetings).  This winter, they will also pair well with boots and jeans!

Scarf:  Gifted
Cashmere Cardigan: Gifted
Handbag: Brahmin
Tights: Kushyfoot (road test sample via Lipton Publicity)
Boots: Munro
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Watch: Coach (gifted)
Bracelet: Vintage Bakelite
Lips: Clinique Black Violet
Nails: Essie Cashmere Cardigan
LBD: Eddie Bauer

Lipton Publicity sent me road test samples of these lovely Kushyfoot products, but the opinions are all mine!   

Hugs & joy, T.