Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elegance=Pink Panache

The first tenet of the tickled pink lifestyle is to live mindfully, elegantly & authentically.  Just for the luxury of it, however, I’ve decided to more closely define the “elegant” aspect.  I’ve come up with luminous term that captures it quite nicely:  pink panache. Yes, my quest to live elegantly is defined as infusing pink panache into my life!  An online source defines panache as: “Dashing style: a sense or display of spirited style and self-confidence. “  Yummy! Yes?

Today (actually written on Tuesday), I proudly practiced pink panache in these ways:

Let my inner artist come out to play:  Sported (to work) a lovely, black wrap-around dress, many strands of faux pearls in varying lengths, layered scads of thin gold and black bangles,  floral-patterned black fishnet tights and black vegan patent leather ballet flats.  Oh, and my hair…I pulled part of it up and back.  Did I look like I was headed to some swanky soiree?  Yes, and it felt like I was too—despite the fact that I was in meetings a good portion of my day.  It was fabulously fun! And, it made me feel a bit Audrey—notably elegant (or should I say, “pinkly panache”?). 

Honored my Wise Self:  Two words: tea time!  Despite many meetings and looming deadlines, I answered an inner call to stop, take a break and savor a cup of awesome organic, fair trade mint tea (Zhena’s Gypsy Tea).  Ahhh!

Engaged myself spiritually:  Today, I meditated, enjoyed ten minutes’ worth of legs up the wall (a yoga pose I adore) and wrote in my journal.  The elegance is found is connecting with myself on a realm that’s deep within.  These, and other assorted practices, enable me to more clearly hear my Wise Self’s gentle callings.  Now that I’m heeding her urgings far more frequently than ever before, the results of this are sheer elegance!  

Indulged:  Utilized a gift certificate (a la Mother’s Day gift from Mark) for a massage.  Note:  This didn’t have to be a massage.  It could have been a bubble bath, quiet time on the patio or a walk in the woods. The real indulgence, here, is that I carved out this time for myself—in the midst of a tremendously busy week.  There were many other “to do’s” on my after-work list, but…those will just need to wait a bit!

Connected with my community:  I serve on the Board of the local Zonta Club; a part of Zonta International (ZI).  ZI’s mission is to advance the status of women worldwide.  During lunchtime, I attended our monthly Zonta Board meeting.  Fab fellowship with like-minded women, worthwhile work toward a cause near + dear and a brief respite from a busy day at the office all equate to definite doses of pink panache!

What sprinklings of pink panache are planned for your day?  Would love to hear about them!  T.