Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Reflections

On December 31, I’ll often pause and reflect in an effort to remember and recognize the closing year's milestones.  Although it's a useful practice, I tend to fixate upon the large-scale occurrences versus the meaningfulness attached to them.  This month, I thought I’d try an experiment: Carve out reflection time at May’s close.  My hope was that this exercise would enable me to celebrate, assess, and better remember the subtle specialities attached to life's joys while they are still fresh in my mind.

And, so my May expedition began; when my beloved journal and I settled in on the patio a few evenings ago.  All I can say is, “Time well spent!”  The greatest take-aways from this activity were the feelings of thankfulness and accomplishment that embodied me afterward.  An added bonus: it was also a beautiful evening—a wonderful time to quietly reflect while being in nature. 

Below are a few photos capturing some of May’s many wonderful moments.  Hope you enjoy! T.

Took a few, added moments to admire my potted pansies, one day, 
while at home on a quick lunch break from the 9 to 5.

Spent a fun evening sipping herbal tea while watching an enjoyable movie (Sideways) with Mark; during a wonderful weekend getaway.  Pictured, above, is our room at the inn…
and, yes, it was lusciously pink!

Different inn, but same weekend... 
Adored the super moon from the private, screened-in terrace attached to our room (perfect for us introverted moon watchers!). The moon was awesome, but the three-hour serenade performed by a hoard of frogs (we enjoyed while gazing out) is what I'll always remember most fondly!

Relished an Italian martini at a fave, local restaurant while celebrating my 50th b-day.

For a few weeks, stopped daily to literally smell the roses (surprise Mother’s Day gift (from Mark)).

Treated myself to an artist’s date, where I mindfully enjoyed so many beautiful, 
natural sights at a local college campus, only a couple of miles from home.

Listened to my Wise Self, and carved out time to visit a favorite public garden.

Enjoyed a relaxing four-day Memorial Day weekend with loved ones.

Celebrated May's dreams being all realized!