Monday, May 21, 2012

Warm Reflections on Journal Writing

Scene from a recent journal writing expedition--outdoors!

There’s something about an overcast, almost-summer morning that makes me reflective.  I’ve done a lot of introspection in the past few years…much of it through my journal and art journal. 

Journal writing affords me the perfect way to reflect.  When my journal writing is somewhat frequent (4-6 days a week), I am more grounded, have a better sense of what I want from life, possess an expanded capacity for achieving my desires and can truly note a greater overall sense of well-being.  I know much has been written about producing a minimum of three pages per journal writing session, but, many a time, I’ll only write one.  Even that level; however, has yielded notable results for me.

Now that it is warmer out (yay!), I enjoy crafting opportunities to write in my journal while outdoors.  Sometimes, I’ll take my journal along to a café or coffee house and write from their patio or deck.   I’ve written from the bench of a local botanical garden, too.  Of course, writing from my own backyard is always delicious.   And, on vacation, my journal is always packed and good to go (journaling poolside, on the beach or from atop a terrace = also divine!).  These experiences are so memorable to me, and have resulted in some of my most productive journal writing sessions to date.

Last year, I wrote my journal while relaxing on this beach!

I would love to hear your journal writing reflections—especially your thoughts on great places to engage in this practice.  T.