Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sacred Outdoor Almost-Summer Joys

Last weekend, I painted in my art journal from my backyard!

Although she’s not officially graced us with her presence, it sure feels as if summertime has already landed with her entourage in tow.  I’m all grown up, now, and my total sum of professional and personal responsibilities can, sometimes, be mind boggling.  When the warm days arrive, however, there’s a feeling of being on summer break most every day.  Flags flying, festivals abounding, blooming flowers cascading from pots and barrels, sandals, tree-shaded walkways, birds chirping en masse and so many other seasonal pleasures truly do make me feel more festive; pretty much regardless of what's on my plate. 

This past weekend was simply delicious; with a noted amount of it being spent outdoors.  Cherished memories from it include:
  • enjoying ice cream in lovely downtown Birmingham, MI at a café table with Mark, Andrew and Amanda;
  • an evening walk on the BGSU campus with Mark;
  • Sunday morning breakfast on the patio;
  • flower gardening;
  • painting in my art journal from my backyard; and
  • dinner on the patio, Sunday evening.
Perhaps I’m not alone in my sentiments.  I’d be interested to know if you get this same “summertime” feel as well.  T.