Monday, May 7, 2012

This Woman Has Come of Age!

 Art journal entry created on the eve of my last birthday!

Call me a “woman of a certain age!”  That’s right…today, I celebrate half a century of existence, and I’m kicking my heels up, all the while feeling truly tickled pink about it! 

The year 2012 has been remarkably surreal thus far.  In oh-so-many ways, I have already received scads of wonderful gifts in advance of my birthday. And, I am not talking about the ones that are wrapped up in pretty paper and adorned with sparkly ribbons.  What I am talking about are those presents that are utterly priceless to me:  the lovely new friends I have made, precious reestablished connections with longtime pals that have occurred and dearly-held ongoing encouragement I continuously receive from family and friends (both old and new!)--all via this blog .  It is beyond amazing, and I cannot express my gratitude nearly enough!!! 

Oh and there’s another lovely intangible I received a few days prior to my big day...  I wanted to share, here, it in the hopes it will inspire other women as much as it did me.  Mark forwarded me an email link to a CNN story about women aging not only gracefully, but with “verve” as the article notes!  He couldn't wait for me to read it and told me the "aging gracefully and in style" headline automatically made him think of me (Blush!!!).  To check this fab story out, click here.

This past weekend, Mark and I celebrated my 50th by staying at a couple of quaint, historic inns (one outside of Cincinnati, Ohio; the other south of Louisville, Kentucky).  It was a wonderful getaway!  Tonight, I will enjoy dinner with Mark, in our beloved downtown BG—topped off with a spot of martini sipping!   Being a woman of a certain age, I have full license to do this sort of thing, right?

I am compelled to end today’s post singing that awesome Natalie Merchant song, “Kind and Generous.”  Quite honestly, I can’t carry a tune, but can surely tell each of you (via the link above and in written form) the portion of the song that speaks to me most right now: “…I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Watch out world, I’ve come of age!  T.