Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Self-Heroine’s Manifesta

An art journal creation sings the praises of letting my own light shine...
"From this day forward, may the light that shines in me be its brightest."

While in grad school (about 11 years ago), I wrote a descriptive essay that likened my day-to-day existence to that of Joan of Arc (Yes, I know…a bit dramatic.).  I vaguely remember it starting out something like this: “I am a brave warrior woman…”  In my own defense, I most likely believed I had to be a brave warrior woman back in those days...a mother and wife, working full-time as a four-county program director for a non-profit, attending graduate school part-time--all the while wearing a variety of other assorted "hats."

Today's roles and responsibilities are a bit different from those of a few years ago; yet, they are equally as sizable.  Even so,  I no longer envision myself as a “brave warrior woman.”  The self-anointed term “my own heroine” seems to have a comfier feel to it.  These days, I no longer feel I’m fighting myself or anyone else for that matter.  The proverbial armor and shield are no longer necessary; nor is the sword.  I cherish my life, and realize its challenges are a normal part of its unique beauty.   

In celebration of self-heroines everywhere, I’ve sketched a yummy manifesta.  Hope you enjoy it!  T.

The Self-Heroine’s Manifesta
by Tina Bradley

A self-heroine:
  • is born by honoring her intuitive gifts.
  • uses spiritual practices to heighten her relationship with herself and sustain her power source.
  • knows that being a self-heroine is a daily, lifelong privilege.  In accordance, she practices her heroism sacredly.
  • builds community while championing causes near and dear.
  • relies on herself, rather than an umbrella, to prevent anyone or anything from raining on her soiree.
  • believes beauty is found in everyday sights and moments.
  • understands her legendary love affair with herself is what enables her to be heroic to others.
  • loves to create; this includes her own existence.
  • realizes she doesn’t have to walk on water or fly through the air; as a result, she recognizes, develops and highlights her own priceless talents.
  • allows her light to always shine brightly, seeks personal growth consistently and chooses love over fear in every instance.