Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saying, “Thanks, Me” Feels Good!

Journal writing, a cup of hot tea, beautiful sights from my window...
this is now and I am thankful for it.

Giving gratitude is a practice that always uplifts me.  My favorite time to pause and give gratitude is while driving to and from work.  And, although my commute is only about 8 minutes in duration each way, I find even that little bit of focused thankfulness to be beneficial beyond belief. 

Last week, I was asked to contribute a letter for another author’s soon-to-be-published book; which includes various uplifting letters from women worldwide (I promise to share added details about this as I am able to!).  My first thought, when asked to participate in this project, was how thankful I was to be included in such an inspiring, beautiful undertaking.

While basking in my gratitude, I stopped to ponder, “Have I ever thanked myself--for anything?”  Well...  I generally give myself a virtual pat on the back, or reward myself for a job well done.  But, to actually say, “Thank you,” just hasn’t happened.  As a result, the letter I chose to submit was a letter of thanks from me to me (I felt it was long overdue!).

Sending out written thank you notes and cards to others always makes me feel good.  And, writing a letter of thanks to myself… Well, I cannot recommend this exercise highly enough.  Not only was this a feel-good activity; it also allowed me to delve more deeply into how very much I have contributed to my own, personal happiness.  

Because, that’s where real bliss comes from—within.  It doesn’t matter that I am surrounded by the most wonderful people on this planet. When I finally realized (a few years ago) it could only be me (not them) to give me that inner strength and joy; well, that’s when the “awesome stuff” truly began happening! I can’t imagine a better reason for saying, “Thanks, Me!”

Wishing you a day filled with thankfulness.  Hope it includes a note of gratitude from you to you!  T.