Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eat. Play. Nap.

Is there anything more self-nurturing than a nap?  Presently, very little else comes to mind.

This past Saturday, I attended Downtown BG’s Fashion, Food & Fine Art Luncheon; enjoying great food and fashion while visiting with lovely friends during our town’s annual Art Walk.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience—despite the rain and cooler temps.

Photos from Saturday's luncheon!

Upon returning home, my initial plan had been to curl up with a good read (After all, it was a cool, rainy Saturday!).  It had been a long week, and I was feeling a tad bit weary, however. With the rain falling outdoors and a chill in the air, I opted to grab a blanket and pillow, and nap on the sofa, instead. 

Three hours later (Oh yes, I did!), I emerged so very refreshed, satisfied and pampered.  And, I did so just in time to head out with Mark for a dinner date downtown; followed by a visit to my favorite used bookstore for browsing and, afterwards, a java. 

As a child, I was taught that napping was something that was permissible only when one was ill.  As a big girl, I’ve shed this outdated way of thinking.  I now know that naps, and getting enough sleep, period, simply must be factored into my self-care strategy. 

Rightfully so, I refer to it as my “beauty rest,” but nap-taking goes far deeper for me.  When I honor that inkling inside and allow myself to get desired rest, I’ve trusted my Wise Self.  Taking naps also demonstrates my ability to let go of concepts that no longer serve me well (e.g. that whole “naps are a waste of time” nonsense). 

What about you—are naps a part of your overall plan of self-care?  Please share!  T.