Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting in the Art Journal: Overview

Painted in my art journal (outdoors) on Memorial Day!

I heart my art journal!  Although, much of it houses my collage work, I’ve recently begun painting there as well (which, BTW, has been so very much fun!).

Today’s video features an introduction to art journal painting.  A second video actually demonstrating art journal painting will premiere in June.  If you are new to the blog and haven’t had a chance to peruse my earlier art journaling posts, they are accessible by clicking here, here and here.

The inspiration for this video came from a fab friend/reader (thank you!!!).  I’m always searching for blog and video material, and truly welcome others’ suggestions.  Enjoy!  T.

PLEASE NOTE...that glimpse of something furry at the beginning of this video is my adorable diva tabby cat, Tabitha.  Since she normally loves to take center stage, it is my guess she was attempting to feign shyness (smile).