Thursday, March 29, 2012

Self-confidence: Apply Liberally + No Less Than Daily

I used to think it would be great if self-confidence came in a jar, just like moisturizer, that could easily be applied each morning after waking.  Soothing and light, I envisioned it as being a soft pink hue.  And, of course, its scent would be heavenly! After dabbing on my confidence cream, I would instantly feel results; which would stay with me all throughout the day…

I wish I could tell you that confidence cream exists.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t. 

What I have found and use is a sweet little technique called self-affirmation.  When applied daily, it becomes quite effective over time.  Much like moisturizer, it is something I apply each morning while dressing. 

An affirmation is a brief, action assertion that’s repeated over and over in the first-person (an “I” statement).  For example, I might recite the following to tap into my creativity: “I honor and use my creative gifts.”

As I’ve come to realize, the mind tends to believe what it is told; especially when it hears something often enough.  So, why not tell it great things you want to believe and manifest? 

Although there is much data to support the benefits of saying them aloud, my affirmations are said silently—in my mind.  An added bonus: since I say them in the morning while I dress (something I already do), there’s no extra time involved.  This easy application has become a daily habit.  The focus of my affirmations may vary from day to day.  Summoning extra self-confidence does come into play at times (for example, when I have a presentation to make on a particular day). 

I have seen the benefits of affirmations first hand.  For me, affirmations have become my confidence cream.  Instructions for use are simple:  apply liberally and no less than daily. 

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried affirmations or not.  If so, have you also found them to be beneficial? T.