Friday, March 9, 2012

An Invite to Spring

Earlier last week, an overwhelming sense of girlish excitement came over me as hints of spring were sprinkled upon my world: warmer temps, a robin singing from the backyard, a pear tree budding in the front yard, and tulip shoots peeping out from my flower beds.   Yum!

Then, the weekend arrived. Much to my dismay, this past weekend looked and felt much more like January than it did March.  As the snowflakes flew outside my window, I resolved to forget the bleariness before me, and invite springtime in, anyway.   Sunday afternoon, I brought out a basket of colorful marble eggs, listened to some older podcasts focused on spring-inspired principles for living well, and painted my fingernails a delicate shade of pink (reminiscent of dogwood blooms!). 

No, the snow didn’t stop falling that day.  And, yes, it is still cold outside.  Despite it all, however, springtime did end up arriving —in my soul!  That is, after all, where true happiness comes from, right?

Making way for what I want in my life often takes place through tiny, little actions that I carry out one by one.  These small, yet meaningful, measures provide the needed shift that often leads me to actualize my dreams.  In any case, I always emerge from my efforts feeling brighter, more empowered and grateful for having at least taken them. 

Below, are a few of the added ways I plan to invite springtime into my life during the month of March:
  • Reorganize my closet.
  • Consign or donate unwanted items of clothing, footwear.
  • Create an art journal collage about my closet cleaning adventure.
  • Begin running outdoors, again.
  • Buy myself a bouquet of flowers for my office.
  • Secure tickets for August tea event @ museum.
  • Make a date with myself to practice challenging yoga poses.
  • Watch an indie film at the Gish Theater.
  • Replenish my office tea stash.
  • Wear the vintage bomber jacket I purchased last fall.
  • Visit an art museum.
  • Participate in a personal development teleclass.
  • Treat myself to a mani+pedi=sport hot pink finger and toe nails.
  • Read scads of books (no less than two), magazines and blogs to feed my mind.
  • Craft my 2nd quarter goals.

What does your invitation to spring look like?  Please share! :) T.