Monday, March 12, 2012

The Spring Closet Re-Org…

  “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” –Amelia Earhart

I’ve always been fascinated with Amelia Earhart, and the quote above sure speaks volumes to me!  Strangely enough, I came upon this quote last week--moments after contemplating the matter of when to undertake my wardrobe closet clean. 

I generally do this twice a year (spring and fall), but somehow, I skipped out on last fall’s scheduled clean.  Hmmm…  Why I’ve put this off for so long is unknown to me.  I fully realize that when I discard the unwanted, I’m metaphorically making way for new, exciting life opportunities.  There’s also a firm understanding, on my part, that I always emerge from reorganizing/de-cluttering projects feeling renewed, inspired and empowered. 

When my daily email message from Pink Magazine (To see an online version of this, click here.) arrived, and it extolled the virtues of de-cluttering, I knew the fates were sealed.  The project I’d put off for far too long became my priority wish for this past weekend’s accomplishments.

To get myself motivated for this hefty “to do,” I crafted an art journal entry (pictured above), the night before.  Art journaling provides me with a fun way to creatively express myself, but there is an added benefit… My art journal has, time and time again, served as the starting point for what I hope to manifest in my life.  Equally important, I decided to treat my closet-cleaning project as a celebratory event--complete with hot tea breaks, an endless supply of sparking water and Pandora tunes galore (I heart the Catherine Russell station!!)! 

I am ecstatic to report that, last Saturday afternoon, the closet doors were thrown open wide, and my swanky soiree went off without a hitch.  Not only have I achieved one of this month’s personal goals, I have emerged feel more refreshed, inspired and, yes, empowered! 

What “to do” have you been avoiding?  And, how can you entice yourself to move forward?  T.