Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Insightful Endeavor

A recent art journal collage=a quasi self portrait!

There are things I am inexplicably drawn to; for example, anything pink.  Time has taught me to take note of these things as they serve to paint a clearer picture of my unique, authentic self.  This is fairly important. Because, by understanding what attracts me, I am able to more fully celebrate those aspects of myself.

One particularly insightful exercise I've found is to journal or art journal on this subject matter; building an uncensored list.  It’s something akin to sketching a self portrait.

Why not give it a try? Consider this a solo date with yourself; setting aside dedicated time to build a list of those things that enliven your spirit.  Make it personally fun.  For me, having a cup of hot tea or java at hand and fave tunes playing softly in the background, allows me to work best.  I also like to carve out an entire morning or afternoon for a project such as this, so I feel unhurried.

Here's a peek at my soul-enhancing list:
  • Quality time (w/myself, my family & friends);
  • Mountains;
  • Little black dresses;
  • Flower gardens;
  • Weekend afternoon artist's dates to quaint, historic villages and neighborhoods;
  • Herbal tea sipping;
  • Art journaling;
  • Writing (my journal, this blog, letters to friends, to do lists, pretty much every aspect of this);
  • Jazz music;
  • Supporting causes near + dear;
  • Yoga;
  • Vintage clothing + jewelry;
  • The scent of lavender;
  • Autumn (the foliage, mums, cold snaps—I love it all!);
  • The moon (full is my preference, but any phase will do!);
  • My purring tabby cat;
  • After-dinner walks in nature.

What’s on your list?  T.