Monday, August 6, 2012

It’s August, and I’m Fine with That!

Outside my window, I hear the crickets chirping as the wind rustles the leaves in the pear tree.  Summer is still very much with us.  Yet, every year at this time, I yearn for the arrival of fall (what I’ve always proclaimed to be my favorite season).  Not this year, though.

Hmmm… Generally, I cannot wait for the first chill in the air, falling leaves, or sight of potted mums.  This August, however, I’m contented to be exactly where I am—in August—dry, hot, sticky August. 

Could it be I’m learning the joy of each moment’s presence? Is it simply that the thought of impending snow, ice and sub-zero temps are already making me shudder a tad bit? 

Guess I won’t truly know if what I’m feeling, this August, is simply the joy of where I am, presently or not until January.  I’m willing to wait and see on that one (smile).

Throughout this post, I’ve sprinkled photos I snapped a few days ago, while enjoying a day trip to Lake Erie for shop browsing and wine tasting. August, 90+ degrees and all, it’s exactly where I want to be—relishing the beauty of right now.

Experience the wonder of this day!  Joy & peace, T.