Friday, August 10, 2012

Surprise! Yourself.

Aren't they lovely?  Mark brought these back from a jaunt to the grocery store a few evenings ago.

There's something about receiving a simple surprise gift or gesture that transports me to a state of almost child-like excitement.  What I've come to understand, though, is that I also have the ability to bestow surprises upon myself.  That's right, and doing so results in these same feelings of exuberance .

No, I'm not necessarily talking about buying myself flowers (which I, without a doubt, love to do). What I'm referring to are those times when I get an on-the-spot inkling to act upon something...and I honor it.  Taking a different route home from work, granting myself a quick break from duties to step outdoors and view a lovely flower garden, calling someone I've been thinking about...  These are some of the many gifts I give myself by simply trusting and following my own inner wisdom.  Surprise!

See if you can't surprise yourself, today.  Trust me, it's a totally fab experience!  T.