Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Yogini's Thoughts of Stretching

A new yoga studio recently opened its doors, locally, and I am feeling the need to check it out.  So, tonight, I’m headed that way--treating myself to one of their yoga classes. 

About 13 years ago, I attended a couple of drop-in yoga classes while living in the Dayton, Ohio area.  At that point in time, the experience was one that didn't resonate with me.  As a result, I chose not to move forward with it.

Three years ago, I found myself compelled to enroll myself in a yoga class--give it another try. Yes, I heard the inner call, and promptly answered it!  It was a wise choice on my part, as my yoga journey has been a phenomenal experience (Want to read about my adoration for yoga?  Earlier posts may be accessed here and here). 

I’ve been with the same class (and teacher) ever since that time.  I heart the fellowship, instruction and relaxation I get from these classes; held at a local fitness center, where I am a member.  The class meets only one night a week.  Unfortunately, due to a professional commitment, I’m only able to attend two nights a month.

What I’m toying with is maintaining my current class (at the fitness center) and adding a few others (throughout the month) at the new studio.  I’m feeling the need to expand my practice…maybe even diversify it a bit by exploring other yoga traditions (I practice Hatha at the gym and Vinyasa at home). Attending tonight’s class will hopefully allow me to make an informed decision about this. 

One benefit from being part of a class is it allows me to grow and learn.  Of course, there’s the added bonus of enjoying my practice with other yogis as well.  I do yoga at home; not as often as I would like to, though.  When I’m scheduled for an actual class, I seem to be more inclined to attend it (meaning I'm making time to practice yoga versus doing other things); which equates to another good reason for taking a class.

This little muse originally seemed like it was yoga focused, right?  After having written it, I’ve decided that isn’t the case (at least not totally).  Spreading my wings, gaining new wisdom and collecting enriching experiences…oh, yes, and trusting my intuition; that’s really what this post is all about (at least in my mind).  I'm accrediting the actual "Aha!" to my consistent practice of yoga, nevertheless!

Before I roll up my mat for now (smile)…  If you haven't heard, I will be giving away a brand-new, lovely blue yoga mat (Courtesy of General Electric). The winner will be announced on September 2.  For more information, click here.  

Joy, peace and namaste!  T.