Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Lovely Little Writing Basket…

Introducing: My lovely little writing basket!

Mail in hand, I adeptly thumb through a small stack; where a pretty, pink, card-sized envelope has readily caught my eye.  Quickly flipping it over, I see my name and address prominently displayed below the postmarked area.  
Admittedly, there is a heightened sense of excitement afoot! 

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a card or letter in the mail? 

What I enjoy most, however, is sending hand-written cards, postcards—and, yes, even letters from time to time to family, friends and even acquaintances.  Lost (or nearly-lost) art or not, I am doing my part to save it from total extinction!

This past weekend, I learned an adored friend got "the job."  Late last week, a mentor unexpectedly sent me a lovely gift. I dropped my youngest son off in Boston for graduate school a few days ago, and began missing him before we had even left the city (plus, he hinted he’d love to get cards and letters from me!).  Although no reason is ever needed to do so, all indicators were definitely encouraging me to write a few notes (smile)!

As a result, this past Sunday afternoon, I lounged on the patio; my lovely little writing basket at hand. Not familiar with her?  Please allow me the honor of introducing you to her!  She’s a soothing shade of sage green; adorned with red apple décor, and is stuffed with cards of various sorts; from birthday to get well to thank you notes to congratulatory to those that are blank inside.  Some I purchased from talented artisans on Etsy or at favorite local venues.  Others were picked up while on impromptu trips to the dollar store.  My little basket also contains postcards, stationary, a selection of return address labels and stickers (a fun bit of whimsy that easily adheres to the back of any envelope!). 

Writing is art.  Life is art.  To me, sending carefully-selected, handwritten notes is one way I mindfully display style and elegance (all part of my strategy to live artfully).  Besides that...it just plain feels good to do it!

Do you love receiving snail mail?  How about sending it?  Would love to hear your thoughts about this elegant art form!  T.