Monday, August 27, 2012

On Countering "the Sundays" + "the Mondays"

An art journal collage (September 2011) entails a plan for a great week!

Ah, Monday!  Or, should I say, "Aw, Monday!"?  Barring vacation and special occasions (e.g. my birthday), Monday is typically not my favorite day of the week.  I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this viewpoint (hence, the line made famous in that awesome movie, Office Space: "Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays!").

Ever get a case of the Sundays, though?  You know--that feeling you don't want the weekend to end?  It generally hits late afternoon or early evening on a Sunday.  I'll admit it.  I sometimes do.

I remember one Sunday about a year ago...  Amidst many challenging workplace projects and Mark's departure for a weeklong business trip, I sat down with my art journal in the hopes of sketching out a better coming week for myself--despite many to do's on the agenda and not even the prospect of a couple's date night that week (sigh!).

I entitled it "Ways to Make Next Week Special."  Here's what I came up with:
  • Run outdoors in the p.m.;
  • Toe nail polish change at the salon;
  • Yoga class;
  • Dinner at the vegan cafe;
  • Lunch with Carol (dear friend);
  • Local Zonta Board Lunch;
  • Dollar store buys (a favorite place for purchasing art journaling supplies!);
  • Write;
  • Hot baths with essential oils;
  • Home spa treatments (deep condition hair and feet);
  • Meditation each a.m.;
  • Listen to inspiring podcasts;
  • Journal at Starbucks;
  • Affirm daily;
  • Be mindful!
Although nothing daunting appears to be on the coming week's 9 to 5 calendar, I'm guessing it will be incredibly busy--nevertheless. marks my first day back in the office since last Wednesday. This is always an adjustment for me. As a result, I've crafted (yet another) "Ways to Make This Week Special" list for myself .  Can't hurt, right (smile)?

Some of these plans I'll carry out at lunch or break times taken during my workday.  Others are definitely morning and evening (before and after work) pleasures!
  • Affirm daily;
  • Be as mindful as possible;
  • Write. Write. Write some more;
  • Read my magazines;
  • Savor daily tea breaks at work;
  • Enjoy a lunchtime walk on BGSU's campus;
  • Sip vino on the patio after work Wednesday evening;
  • Attend my Monday night yoga class;
  • Treat myself to a class, Thursday night, at the new yoga studio in town;
  • Use my gift certificate for a one-hour massage on Tuesday night (oh so need this one after last week's car trip to & fro' Boston!);
  • Grab a chocolate banana soy smoothie at lunch on Monday;
  • Delight in after-lunch java daily;
  • Take daily sunshine breaks;
  • Relax in hot baths, each evening, complete with essential oils and candlelight (one night, indulge with a Lush bath bomb!);
  • Relish date night with Mark (Friday);
  • Sport my new black + white polka-dotted infinity scarf!
What are your plans for making your week extra special?  Would love to hear about them!  T.