Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Worthy Commitments

My art journal is a place where I make commitments with myself.

In April, I began participating in Gail McMeekin's online forum, which aligns with her book, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal (see past mentions of this herehere and here).  As a result of my participation, I have gained a much greater understanding of myself; not only from my journal writing efforts and interactions with Gail, but from working with the talented other women also a part of this artistic circle.  Most unexpectedly; I have formed treasured new friendships and connections as a result of this endeavor.  Truly, it has been a remarkable three-month journey!  Next Monday will mark the group’s last online session (definitely, a prime example of how all good things come to an end).

One activity, I completed only a few weeks ago, enabled me to hone in on the areas where I most seek to keep the commitments I make with myself.  Of course, so many of the activities in the book/journal have brought me tremendous insight. But, because so many of us women seem to struggle with keeping the commitments we make with ourselves, I believe this one merits special attention. 

McMeekin urges readers (on page 147 of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women Journal), "Learn to keep your commitments to yourself in the same way that you keep your promises to others." One aspect of this journal activity includes readers recording their own commitments to themselves. 

Listed below are the commitments that I most seek to keep with myself: 
               Write and carry out monthly goals that support my self-identified top priorities;
               Never hesitate to use my voice to speak my truth;
               Affirm daily;
               Honor my Wise Self;
               Remember to tap into the healing power of my own deep breathing;
               Seek a mindfully-present existence;
               Treat my body as a temple; and
               Live my life as art!

In an effort to figuratively tie a lovely pink bow around this project, I decided to incorporate these sacred self-vows in my cherished art journal.  For those who read this blog frequently, I’m guessing this comes as no surprise, right?  I'll feature the finished product in the near future...along with a video demonstration focused on painting in the art journal.

What are the commitments you most wish to keep with yourself?  Please share!  T.