Monday, June 11, 2012

Doing Differently=An Adventuresome Weekend!

Switching up routines=new adventures!

I love routines! My routines keep me grounded, while also serving as some of the key ways in which I nurture myself most.  Savoring affirmations, mid-morning tea breaks, attending yoga classes, writing in my journal, soaking in a bath with essential oils after a long day…these are among the various rituals that feed my soul.    

There are some routines, however, that serve to lock me into a quasi "going through the motions" state .  I'm talking about the ones that make me feel comfy; yet, in actuality, only serve to limit my existence.  For example, always taking the same route to work, or continuously selecting a favorite nail polish shade (even though a fabulous new shade seems to be calling my name). 

How very different this past weekend was than the one before it.  I was thankful for the opportunity to rest and relax with family (truly, one of my greatest joys).  Mark and I ventured off to Columbus for an overnighter, which was exactly what I needed; given the past few weeks’ super-heavy workload. 

We have visited the Columbus area many times before.  This time, though, our travel agenda purposefully focused on exploring places we’d never been to before.  This decision turned out to be a real gem!  In our quest to “do differently,” we discovered the quaint, historic town of Canal Winchester, a charming coffee house, countryside wineries with excellent wines (as well as lakeside views and rose gardens!), and a lovely lakefront restaurant. It was an awesome experience!

Yes, I have those near and dear places I frequently love to visit, dine at, etc.  And, of course, there are certain things I mindfully do, each day, in order to life a richer life.  As a result, it just makes sense that routines will make up a big part of my life.  However, switching things up a bit from time to time… It really does force me to experience so much more than I would have otherwise.  

What little changes can you make to your routines?  Wishing you fabulous new adventures as you do so. T.