Monday, June 25, 2012

On Nature & Personal Fulfillment

A beautiful sight from enchanting Schedel Gardens

Even the thought of spending time in nature evokes a multitude of fab feelings within me:  joy, comfort, inspiration, calm, excitement, relaxation…  Some of my favorite memories have resulted from time spent, mindfully, in natural settings. 

Outdoor experiences are gifts I give myself.  The more I luxuriate along the tickled pink path, the better I get at carving out time for and being fully present during these natural forays I truly heart so dearly!  Even if it is only for a few, precious moments, I consistently seek opportunities to fully relish nature’s majesty whenever I can.  For example, I may be headed into a boutique to browse for a bit, but can I stop and enjoy the lovely flower beds outside before entering the shop?  Or, rather than simply writing in my journal from inside the house, could I move onto the patio where I can also appreciate the feel of the wind on my face, various hues of green (courtesy of the trees), fragrant flowers and a symphony of chirping birds? 

Based upon my own, more recent, observations, nature’s call is one that seems to resonate with many femmes—not just me.  Be it the blogs I read, comments from my own blog’s readers or chats I have had with fellow femmes, we women seem to gravitate toward all things natural.  That’s because nature provides us with the great things I mentioned above (and more!).

This past weekend, Mark and I ventured out to Schedel Gardens, a botanical delight about 30 minutes from where we live.  Our afternoon in this charming setting felt like a mini vacation (See more photos at Tickled Pink Woman's Facebook page.)!

What little ways can you incorporate (either by scheduling time to enjoy it or being more mindful of your time in it) nature into your life?   Please share your thoughts!  T.