Friday, June 29, 2012

Mid-year Reflections Bring Treasures, Gems & Dreams

Journal, patio, vino, sunset!
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Earlier this week, I etched out some quality time with myself. It was a weekday evening. The sun was setting. There was a mild chill in the air.  With journal in hand, and vino close by (smile), I eagerly settled in to craft a mid-year assessment of my personal goals and accomplishments. 

Prior to beginning this activity, I took time to think about the many treasured pieces and parts I have enjoyed already in 2012: all the amazing new friends I have made, my trip with Mark to Cincy and Kentucky, a women’s art and fashion luncheon with dear gal pals, the local Women’s Club’s annual tea party, being interviewed by another fab blogger, Zonta’s Summer Solstice Wine Soiree, various special weekends spent with my family in Michigan and Columbus, my contribution of a letter for another author’s soon-to-be-published book...  A walk down memory lane was a great place to kick-off an evaluation of my personal goals and accomplishments.  My gratitude overflowed as a result of my recollection of the past six months. 

My top-five gems (as related to my Tickled Pink ventures) have been:
My top-five dreams for the remainder of 2012 (as related to my Tickled Pink ventures) include:
  • Finalize outline for my book, Tickled Pink Woman
  • Write a book proposal for Tickled Pink Woman
  • Conduct my first women's art journaling workshop
  • Launch Tickled Pink Woman podcast
  • Begin searching for a literary agent
What gems and dreams came from your mid-year reflections?  Would so adore hearing about them!  T.