Monday, June 4, 2012

To Do's Aren't Always Glam...

An infusion of natural beauty (from my garden) lightens the day's load.

Not everything in my life is always as glam, exciting or tranquil as I would like it to be…  For example, I enjoy and am grateful to have my job as a municipal grants administrator. However (let’s face it), I deal with numbers, regulations and outcomes for (sometimes) forty-plus hours a week; which is not always sexy stuff (smile).  At times, it seems pretty daunting, actually.

All is okay, though; because I’m learning to use a little trick I refer to as “infusion.”  Infusion can take many forms: fun, calm, creativity, nature, adventure, pampering, etc.  What I’ve begun to do is infuse whatever my Wise Self seems to need most into any day or situation.  My mid-morning weekday tea breaks are one way I accomplish this.  Along about 10 o’clock, this femme is usually ready for a spot of calm.  My mini-tea party for one grants me this—a few sacred moments of serenity. Yes, it's just a cup of tea, but to me, it truly makes each workweek morning more special.

This past weekend, I had two grants to review and score for the Senior Corps Peer Review project I will be participating in over the next few weeks. Of course, there were plenty of household tasks on my agenda as well (things I just couldn't put off any longer!).  Anyone who knows me, understands how blessedly coveted my weekends are—most especially when I am able to enjoy time outdoors. 

Friday evening, with journal in hand, I pondered what might make my busy weekend more zen, pleasurable and lux; despite the many "to do's" before me.  My resolution was to infuse some pampering, outdoors and adventure into it while also meeting the challenges at hand.

Saturday morning, I treated myself to a mani + pedi and a bit of browsing downtown at a favorite consignment boutique before tackling household chores.  This was exactly the type of balance I needed that day.  Sunday morning, following cherished time flower gardening, I was able to take on a sizable piece of that grant review project with renewed energy and enthusiasm thanks to a much-needed infusion beforehand. And, yes, I took a few tea breaks as well throughout the day; which made the project seem a bit more palatable.

No, life isn't always glamourous, exciting or tranquil. But, I am learning there are ways to make it more so.

Joy & peace, T.