Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Comfort Haven

A bouquet of flowers on my desk=tranquility!

Here’s a scene from my workplace office one particularly (uh) interesting day earlier this week: As a cup of lavender tea steeps, I savor a few deep breaths.  In my left hand, I enjoy the feel of a polished, pink quartz crystal; so refreshingly smooth and cool.  Before me, sits a small vase of flowers; remnants from a bouquet Mark brought me a few weeks ago.  It is visually pleasing.  Within a matter of minutes, I realize a greater sense of calm, and feel tremendously grateful.

That morning (okay, maybe the last few weeks) held some challenges.  But, when I create the opportunity to get myself into the current moment, and mindfully render thanks for even the smallest of things… Well, my heart simply surrenders to the fact that all is truly well. 

Calm and comfort are essential to my well-being.  I often accredit my breathwork as being the foundation for these necessities.  That’s because deep breathing serves as my “transport” mode—so to speak.  In addition to my beloved breathing techniques, I also like having little props handy to assist me.  Some of these serve to get me into a state of relaxation a bit quicker.  Others will help keep me there longer (smile). 

Tea time in my office

In my office at work, I display scads of photos of my loved ones as well as art and other objects of beauty.  I also have one desk drawer designated solely for housing comfort items.  I refer to it as “The Haven.”  The Haven’s contents will vary from time to time; nevertheless, here’s what’s currently residing there:
  • A tea cup;
  • A yummy assortment of teas;
  • An organic lavender sachet;
  • Several varieties of scented hand lotions;
  • A polished rose quartz crystal;
  • An array of scented hand sanitizers (from Bath & Body Works!);
  • A folder containing inspiring articles, information related to office ergonomics and yoga reference materials (for an “at my desk” practice);
  • A spongy stress ball for squeezing;
  • A small rubber ball for desktop bouncing;
  • Various beauty items (mirror, comb, hair clips); and
  • Photos on CD commemorating a leadership academy I attended locally a few years ago (brings back fond memories!).
A peek inside "The Haven"

I know others out there must have a similar set up.  If so, please let me know what’s included in your soothing goodies stash.  I heart borrowing added inspirations from others!  T.