Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flexible Planning = More Authentic Living

My latest plan...of course, I've given myself the permission to tweak where needed (smile).

Uncertainty has never been a comfortable place for me.  I am a planner, an all-the-way-to-the-end-of-the-scale “J” on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  I like things to go off exactly as envisioned.  And, although I know this way of life has held immeasurable benefits, it has also created a good deal of angst and limitation for me as well over the years.  No doubt, I will always be a planner.  It is simply who I am.  Nevertheless, I know my “J” score needs to be ratcheted down a notch or two.  In other words, I could loosen up a bit in this regard.  

The more frequently I yield to my Wise Self’s (sometimes, momentary) desires, the greater my realization that being firmly concreted to a plan is not always the best (um…) plan for me.  The other day, for instance; I was already headed to Starbucks for a java.  That was the plan.  Until, that is, this sudden “Instead, let’s swing by Dunkin’ Donuts for a java with coconut favoring” urging came over me.  That afternoon, I did something I likely wouldn't have done only a few years ago: honored my on-the-spot longing.  And, I'm quite proud of myself for doing so (This may sound like a bit much, but please realize I am a strong “J.” Even our smallest of plans are, generally, set in stone.).  In addition to being a bit more spontaneous and honoring my own wisdom, other good also came out of my actions.  The drive there was closer for me.  It was likely less crowded at DD (This is based upon my comparison to many previous trips to Starbucks).  Plus, the hint of coconut from the flavoring truly hit the spot that day. 

Another reason for increased flexibility, on my part, relates to the issue of life simply happening.  No plan is foolproof.  Sometimes, life just happens, and plans can’t be carried out as (well…) planned.  For folks like me, this is where the concern and annoyance part comes into play.  I am beginning to realize that if rules were meant to be broken; then, plans can be, too—from time to time.  Goals also can be tweaked, amended to fit arising circumstances. 

Are there any other strong “J’s” out there?  If so, please, introduce yourself as this femme seeks company along her path of reformation!  T.