Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Minimum Requirements for Self-Care

A recent art journal entry houses my minimum requirements for self-care.

Author Jennifer Louden encourages women to identify their three to five minimum requirements for self-care.  Louden notes these requirements will vary from person to person. And, she defines "minimum requirements for self-care" as being those most basic of things we need to do in order to stay in touch with our inner selves.

A few evenings ago, I carved out time to identify my own "absolute's."  After a bit of reflection, I identified these five items as my minimum requirements for self-care:
1) Self-affirmations;
2) Drinking plenty of water;
3) Being well-rested;
4) Engaging in some type of reflective practice (journal writing, blogging, art journaling, yoga or meditation); and
5) Expressing myself creatively (this could be via art, writing or simply selecting the day's outfit in a manner that authentically reflects my unique style).

I found this to be a revealing and useful activity (which I carried out in my beloved art journal!).  A free MP3 discussing minimum self-care requirements is available on Louden's website.  It's the same one I used for this exercise.

What are your minimum requirements for self-care?  Understanding what mine are, I'm hoping, will ultimately enable me to better access my own inner wisdom.

Take good care, T.