Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Luxurious June Soul Massages

Art journaling is one of my many soul massage techniques!

Engaging in no less than one soul massage daily is an important aspect of living my life in true tickled pink fashion.  Soul massages are those things that enliven my spirit and joyfully renew me.  A soul massage can be as simple as lighting a candle before I write, seeking beauty in daily life, or bringing to mind the day's gratitude items.  These luscious extravagances, along with those listed below, are among my favorites:
·     Play dress up.  Sometimes, I'll simply try on different pieces of vintage or costume jewelry; discovering unique ways to style them.
·      Browse...bookstores, consignment boutiques, antique shops, thrift stores.  It's the highest form of therapy--in my opinion.
·      Take a walk in the woods (This time of year, I love to take notice of the wildflowers while strolling.).
·      Read in bed.
·      Listen to bygone era jazz tunes while art journaling.
·      Sit outdoors and eagerly listen to nature's symphonies (birds calling, the wind in the trees, crickets chirping, etc., etc., etc.).
·      Practice yoga at home. Establish an intention AND dedicate my practice to someone in need.
·      Relax in a hot bath laced with essential oils (My practice is to use different types of oils depending upon what I need most that day.  For example, I'll use lavender to soothe or peppermint to energize myself.).
·      Nap.
·      Throw myself a tea party for one.

What are your favorite soul massages?  Take time, today, to enjoy at least one!  T.