Thursday, July 26, 2012

Excitement? Yes, Please!

A lunchtime smoothie enjoyed, that's what I call exciting!

Ever get excited over something that others might discount as being a tad bit minuscule?  Like having plans to sip a berry smoothie from a cafĂ© table outdoors at lunchtime?  That was me, yesterday morning.  Working away, I’d occasionally pause to savor the bliss; just thinking about my upcoming mid-day foray. 

In my book, Eternal Presents, I discuss the importance of “always having something on the burner,”  which is basically a laid-back way to recommend consistently having dreams (large and small) before us. I have learned the importance of going out of my way to establish large and small dreams to look forward to.  Often while engaging in an evening journal writing session, I'll ask myself, “How can I make tomorrow special?”  Because, not each and every day is spent relishing a treasured artist’s date, enjoying a vacation with loved ones or  standing center stage while being awarded scads of accolades.  Sometimes life is challenging.  Occasionally, it's just shy of being mundane.  My little doses of excitement—here and there—those are what serve to transform it all, make everything more exhilarating and sparkly. 

Yes, my lunchtime berry smoothie, sipped outdoors, may not be majorly exciting to some.  It was to me, though.  And, that’s what truly counts, right?

Joy & peace!  T.