Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Women Building Greatness

“Women are the architects of society.”  --Harriet Beecher Stowe

Yesterday, I gathered with a fab group of women friends to lunch and strategize during the local Zonta Club’s annual retreat.  Aside from catching up with fellow femmes who came together to improve the status of women (both locally and worldwide), our chats included ways in which we would mentor a recently-formed women’s advocacy group comprised of local college students.  We also discussed our future plans to assemble birthing kits for shipment to Cambodia and various ways to improve upon established fundraising activities designed to raise scholarships for local, non-traditional women students (like I once was).  We Zontians are helping to build community by constructing proverbial bridges for those who encounter barriers, and by forging paths which will allow others to experience new, empowering horizons.

Today, I’m meeting a dear friend for lunch.  My time with her is always treasured. Both of us being busy professionals, our monthly lunches serve as the added “support” we each require to remain standing tall, both personally and professionally. Sometimes, the other’s simple act of listening is all that is truly needed and given.  Whereas, at other times, a snippet of advice from one to the other is as good as gold. Funny how we each seem to know what the other needs. We, as supportive friends, assist in building each other up time and time again.

Next week, I’m meeting with a wonderful business colleague; yup, for yet another lunch (smile).  During our lunches, we never discuss business matters.  No, it’s strictly about fun.  This sparkling soul, she always makes me laugh.  Hopefully, she would say the same about me.  It’s hard not to join in on the fun when one is around her.  Her charming stories are ones I love to remember and share with others—in the hopes of bringing a smile to their faces as well.  The way I see it, this type of building is of the expansion variety.  A good laugh or cute story…well, it’s something that gets passed along—helps to broaden everyone’s good times.

Whether lunching or not, I am convinced that we women are, indeed, society’s architects.  Aren't you? T.