Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation = A Nap for the Soul!

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Mark and I just arrived back from five days of sheer bliss in Colorado.  And, even though we didn’t do much resting (There was too much to see and do!), I have arrived back feeling so very refreshed, relaxed.  That’s why I’ve decided that vacations are like naps for the soul (certainly justifies us taking more of them, right?).

Of course, I can't take a vacation any old time I choose, but days off--here and there...  That, I can do.  Observing dedicated me time daily (even if only for minutes at a stretch)... Sure, it is doable.  And, weekends...ensuring I carve out spots to rest and create bet I'm in for that!

I thought I’d share a few snaps taken this past week.  I hope they serve to bring you that restful, relaxed feeling I’m still savoring right now.

Have a wonderful weekend!  T.