Monday, July 2, 2012

July Dreamin'

July's goals...sketched into my beloved art journal!

Vacation, flags flying, flowers in full bloom; that’s a teensy glimpse into how I view July from my mind's eye.  My vision for the month also includes personal growth, mindful living and exercising my full creative capacity...  Girl’s got dream big, right?

My dreams for this month are to:
  • Read Virginia Woolfe’s A Room of One’s Own (Read, yesterday, during the plane trip. Loved it!)
  • Assess progress with my public speaking skill building plan (by 7/31)
  • Get my “relax” on via a facial
  • Treat myself to an artist’s date 
  • Read Anne Morrow Lindburgh’s A Gift from the Sea  
  • Finalize Tickled Pink Woman book outline
  • Attend/participate in Zonta Board planning retreat
  • Enjoy a pedi
  • Relish a massage
  • Read + journal with Lynne Franks’ Bloom
  • Conduct volunteer art journaling workshop at the local Girl Power Tween Camp
  • Attend/participate in Toastmasters
  • Read Podcasting for Dummies
  • Assess + refine Podcast Action Plan
  • Read Dale Carnegie’s The Art of Public Speaking
  • Vacation in Colorado (Currently, a reality!)
June’s dreams were all realized.  Some of them were definitely more challenging to achieve than others.  Through it all, I have learned that added insight, triumph and strength result when difficulties are met. 

Wishing you a joyous, dream-filled July!  T.