Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love Lace: Part Deux!

A Cool Urban Outfitters Along Pearl Street in Boulder!

My love of lace continues!  Hence, I've decided a "Part Deux" was necessary as a follow-up to last week's Love Lace! post.

One afternoon, during our recent vacation, we dropped, into the coolest Urban Outfitters ever.  Yes, it's the one pictured above.  You see, Boulder, Colorado does a fabulous job recycling old buildings; making them into viable, esthetically-pleasing places to shop, dine, work from, live in and visit.  This Urban Outfitters appears to be an old armory building (How fab  is that?)!

While there, I browsed books, looked at TOMS shoes (just looked--didn't buy...sigh) and perused a rack of lovely lace camisoles (2 for $20!).  Mark treated (smile); so I picked two up: a blush (pinkish beige) and black one.

Getting ready to lunch at The Stanley Hotel

As you can see from the photo above, I paired my black one with a solid color cami for a casual, outdoor mountain adventure.  What's really nice is that I can throw a blazer over this same ensemble and be totally office appropriate (plus, get my lace fix and be a bit stylish, too!).

Love lace or not... Hopefully, Boulder's focus on recycling as well as the lovely Rocky Mountains have brought you a bit of inspiration today! Smiles, T.