Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot or Not, I Heart Tea Time!

Photo courtesy of Boulder's fabulous Dushambe Tea House

Yes, I know it's unbearably hot, but I still love my tea!  Despite the temps outside, teatime even factored into last week's Colorado vacation.  Yup, I sipped hot green tea at both the Detroit and Denver airports before takeoff (a great way to begin and end my journey).

Our first night in Boulder, we stopped into a  fun little coffee house (OZO Coffee Co.) after dinner.  There, I savored some hot jasmine tea...

Last Monday evening, Mark and I dined at Boulder's fabulous Dushambe Tea House; a gift to that city from Tajikistan.  What a treat!  It is an authentic Central Asia tea house with a to-die-for atmosphere and wonderful cuisine.  I enjoyed delicious strawberry-hibicus iced tea with dinner; plus, purchased a tin of their Rocky Mountain Mint Herbal Tea.  Sounds like the perfect thing to sip after a long day, doesn't it?

While walking Boulder's lovely Pearl Street Mall, I happened upon a wonderful tea parlor, Ku Cha House of Tea.  After an delectable spot of browsing there, I bought a tin of their organic green chrysanthemum tea; which I cannot wait to crack open!

Besides some great used books and organic bath products, tea buying was the only true shopping splurge I partook in out west.  No, I didn't do the factory tour, but I did enjoy shopping at the Celestial Seasonings Tea Shop.  Eight boxes and one complimentary tote bag later, I wondered how I'd get my assortment of goods into the suitcases for the flight back home (smile).  It took some thoughtful planning on my part; which was totally worth it.

A snapshot featuring my coveted tea loot!

Today will mark the first day back at the 9 to 5 since June 29.  One thing is for sure: Aside from this evening's yoga class, my mid-morning tea break is one sure pleasure I know this day will bring!

Joy & peace, T.