Friday, July 20, 2012

Fashion Principles I Am Learning to Live By

What I wore; minus the jacket.

Yesterday, while conducting business at the local college campus, I received a compliment that made me feel pretty darn good.  Two young women (students, I'm guessing) who were working in the front office of the department I was visiting told me they loved my outfit.  "Very fashionable," one of them noted.  I thanked them, wholeheartedly, for their thoughtfulness.

I realized, driving back to the office, that the skirt I was wearing was nearly 14 years old. The blouse I had on was a consignment shop piece.  My jacket came from a thrift store, and much of the jewelry I had on that day was vintage.

Here's what this 50-year old is learning to live by, fashion-wise:
  • Shun fashion trends.  Instead, I prefer buying things that "speak" to my own personal sense of style.  I loved that long, black skirt 14 years ago when I bought it on a clearance rack.  I am all about assessing and updating my look from time-to-time; however, a well-made black skirt is a timeless classic that is always in vogue.  I am glad I bought this wardrobe staple (which I truly heart wearing), and that I have held onto it!
  • Fashion is all about allowing my inner-artist to come out and play! My black skirt is one which doesn't require a belt.  Yesterday morning, my creative self wanted to belt it, though.  So, I did--with a long gauzy scarf.  Special touches like these allow me to be creative.  Plus, they are, in my opinion, eye-catching.
  • Buying vintage is chic, provides a unique look and helps save our planet (by keeping these wonderful pieces in circulation versus sentencing them to the landfills!).
  • Consignment and thrift shops are an economical source for aspiring fashionistas (such as myself).  They are brimming with quality items of clothing, accessories and jewelry (again, where one can many times find nearly one-of-a-kind pieces, and (most importantly) contribute to the greenness of our environment).
Please share your favorite fashion principles with me!  This life-long learner yearns to keep learning!  T.