Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Day's First and Last Five Minutes

My art journal celebrates how I love to end each day!

A few evenings ago, I listened to a teleclass hosted by Robin Palmer, entitled Change Your Life with the First and Last Five Minutes of the Day.  It was the subject matter which led me to tune in that night.  You see, I have long believed that the method in which we begin and end each day plays a huge part in how the present or coming day will result for us.  Turns out, research indicates this as well.

Since the first and last five minutes of the day are transition periods between consciousness and unconsciousness, they are the most beneficial periods of time for programming the mind.  In addition to providing this information, Palmer shared luscious ways that several notable authors begin and end their days:
  • Dr. Wayne Dyer uses morning meditation to visualize his ideal day;
  • Jack Canfield begins every day with an "hour of power;" where he spends 20 minutes dedicated to his physical well-being, 20 minutes meditating and 20 minutes reading (I really like this one. Think I'd choose yoga for my physical activity.  Now, if only I could get up an hour earlier!);
  • Marianne Willliamson begins each day with a spiritual practice;
  • Marci Shimoff rubs lavender essential oil onto her feet before bedtime (Yum!); and
  • Palmer, herself, reflects upon the day about to end as well as envisioning the one to come.
No, my morning routine isn't perfect--yet (smile).  But, I do begin every morning with silent, positive affirmations after "Good morning's" to both Mark and Tabitha (Okay, yes, our diva tabby cat sleeps with us...).  I accredit my morning affirmations to many positive changes in my life; to include tackling those things I once never would have dared to do (e.g. public speaking, voluntarily).  

Most of the time, my day ends with a relaxing hot soak in the bathtub.  What makes this extra-special is that every bath comes complete with candlelight as well as plenty of bubbles, essential oils, salts or some other heavenly-scented product.  It is my time to totally chill; making this practice about as good as it gets!  

How do you spend the first and last minutes of each day?  Please share!  T.