Sunday, November 4, 2012

Feeling Grounded in my Roots...

Me, standing on an 18th century brick street in my hometown
Washington, Indiana
November 3, 2012

Enjoying a relaxed, much-needed night and half-day in Bloomington (where I earned my undergraduate degree nearly 20 years ago), reconnecting with Mark's family as we continue to heal, and celebrating with my kin the sixth anniversary of baby sis's remission from cancer... It's been a weekend marked by me feeling grounded in my roots, which was so very soul replenishing.  

As promised, here are a few candids taken with family prior to last night's gratitude-focused shindig.  Stay tuned for podcast launch details later today...announced here on the blog and Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page!  

Me + guest of honor Karolanne (background)

Me + baby sis, Karolanne

Karolanne + various members of my family...

Mom + Dad (Mom: "The DJ needs to play another ACDC song!")

Natalie + Elaine + Karolanne (my sisters!) + me

Me + my sisters...

Sis-in-law, Amy, rescued a baby mouse pre-celebration! :)

Joy and peace!  T.