Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Gift of Adversity

A recent art journal collage celebrates the gift of adversity...

Adversity.  It's a fact we all encounter it (at least, from time-to-time).  

I'm currently enjoying a second read of SARK's Prosperity Pie (I read it the for the first time maybe five years ago.).  While savoring a read a few days ago, I came across the following words of wisdom.  They deeply resonated with me, and, naturally, I figured others might find them inspiring as well:

"Whatever has happened to us has contributed to us." --SARK

What adverse situation can you use as a personal contribution to enrich your base of wisdom, courage, self-empowerment or other positive attribute?  With age, I am learning that with every difficult situation, there's a valuable lesson to be learned--along with opportunities to brightly shine amidst the "clouds."  

Joy and peace!  T.