Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don’t Think, “Can’t”. Just Do It!

“You must do that thing which you think you cannot do.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Recently, I came across the quote above.  It brought to mind a couple of things I finally decided to do in 2012.  And, yes, they are those things I initially feared I couldn’t do; namely, blogging, leading workshops for women and podcasting.

Having blogged now, rather consistently, since March of this year, delivered a fun + successful art journaling workshop in September (a creativity circle is scheduled for next week), and recently published my first podcast... I have come to understand that beloved Ms. Eleanor is spot on.  Doing what we fear we cannot do is the key to getting it done.

Identify at least one thing you truly want to do, but have put off due to thinking it was too "pie in the sky."  Nine times out of ten, you’ll wonder why you ever put if off, afterwards.

Some things (like public speaking) are a process; meaning it’s not an issue of me doing it and instantly thinking, “Why’d I put that off for so long?” However, if I had never embarked upon this challenge at all, there would be little or no chance of me ever attaining it.  Case in point: Thursday, I will head out to another Toastmaster’s meeting; where I’m scheduled to do a spot of speaking.  The “butterflies” are still there; yet I push forward.  You see, this, too, with some doing, I will do (for lack of a better word).  In other words, over time, I know I’ll come to think, “Why’d I put that off for so long?”

What is it you think you cannot do?  I wholeheartedly encourage your efforts in just doing it!   

Joy and peace. T.