Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today, I Embrace...

The day back after a holiday generally seems to throw out a few unexpected twists and turns.  Nevertheless, I've decided that, along with the unsavory, there's always the potential for yumminess.

Today, I embrace:
  • challenges--and my ability to navigate them;
  • cooler weather--and my understanding I can glean warmth from within;
  • change--and my realization that I can adapt;
  • adversity--and my chance to overcome it;
  • things that don't go off as planned--and my knack for going with the flow as needed;
  • loss--and my value for giving gratitude for what I have;
  • difficult people--and my knowledge that their actions are reflections of them, not me;
  • mistakes--and my ability to learn from life's less-than-pleasant outcomes;
  • the mundane--and my dedication to finding simple joys in the blandest of moments; and
  • whatever life hands me--as I know I can use it to grow, learn, and celebrate my efforts.
Joy, peace and hugs! T.