Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finding that Special Mantra...

Last December, after scads of personal reflection, I came to understand what I needed most in my life was far fewer regrets.  The greatest impetus for this came from looking over the many things I talked about doing—yet never did—for one reason or another.  Thus, I established “No regrets” as my personal mantra or guiding principle for 2012.

My decision to do so has worked quite well (as explained in this past post).  Enough so, that I have decided to identify yet another mantra for 2013.

Does this mean I’m discarding my beloved mantra of “No regrets”?  Most certainly not; I'm just adding another one (building my repetoire--so to speak).  

Earlier this week, I started an art journaling project (simply jotting my inspirations down onto a glossy magazine page glued into my art journal—for more details on this technique, check out this past post).  This activity is enabling me to brainstorm and explore various potential mantras for 2013.  Not sure how long my project will last, but I hope to wrap it up by the end of the month.  We’ll see (smile). 

Here are a few of the possible 2013 mantras I’ve throw onto the page so far:
  • Savor the journey;
  • My life is art;
  • Be inspired. Inspire;
  • Best foot forward;
  • Stretch;
  • Exude grace;
  • Bold strokes;
  • Branch and balance;
  • Mindfully present;
  • Outside the box;
  • Breathe in calm. Breathe out strength;
  • Each day, embrace challenge;
  • Stretch gracefully, maintaining balance;
  • Fully present;
  • Personal best.
 Do any of these mantras personally speak to you?  Which one(s)?  T.