Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday (Make That Any Day) Perspective

Recent art journal joy...

It’s Friday.  Shortly, I’ll head off to work.  This morning, I’m somewhat excited about that...

You see, I’m beginning to realize my reality is what I think it is.  In other words, how I see things—that’s how they will be. 

Today, for instance, I have a couple of meetings on my calendar; one of them will likely last a couple of hours.  Both, will be located offsite.  Given that the forecast is calling for sunshine with temperatures topping out in the upper 50’s, I’m walking to these babies (smile).  Can’t wait to do so, either.  One will take place in our quaint, historic downtown.  The other will be held in the courthouse, which is totally grand (inside and out).  Both locations offer me soul massaging vistas to and fro'. 

No, I don’t have the day off (like I did last Friday).  My agenda does include, however, lunch with friends, a dinner date (this evening) with Mark, and the lovely walks I noted above. 

Yes, the fact that it's Friday doesn't hurt my viewpoint this morning, either.  Nevertheless, this is an outlook I know works any day of the week--if only I'll adopt it.  Nine to 5 or not, I’m envisioning a fab day, and something tells me I’m gonna get one. :)

Joy and peace this lovely Friday!  T.