Monday, November 12, 2012

All I Wanted This Weekend...

Why is it the weekend never seems long enough? 

Despite the weekend's ability to slip away far too quickly, I have devised a "system" that better enables me to tackle priority "to do's."  I call it my "All I want this weekend" list.

I have a sweet little notebook that I picked up at the dollar store (it's pictured above).  I use it solely for recording my weekend wish lists.  I keep it in my purse, which enables me to jot down my agenda items as I think of them--all throughout the week.

Here's what was on my "All I want this weekend" list for this past weekend:
Sure, there was a whole lot more that went on this past weekend: for example, enjoying my standing breakfast date, downtown, with Mark on Saturday morning, dinner out Friday evening and a Saturday evening jaunt to a local bookstore to browse a bit.  These things, however, are the sorts of things I'm going to make time  to do, generally, or they just happen--somewhat organically.

It's the stuff that I am likely to lay aside (thinking I'll get to it later) or overlook (in the wake of too many diversions) that I want to include on my "All I want this weekend" list.  Sometimes, I'll include self-care items (like a mani or pedi)--if I'm overdue them or if I worry I'll put them off in lieu of addressing other things).  My list is somewhat fluid--I mold it according to what my current needs are.

There were two items on my list I didn't get to this weekend (the reading and the biz e-course).  That's okay.  I have the day off from the 9 to 5 today.  Besides this evening's yoga class, guess what I'll be up to today?!? Given the fact that chilled temps and rain are forecasted, I may be enjoying these tasks from my comfy, cozy bed (smile).

Joy and peace!  T.