Monday, November 19, 2012

Blooming Despite the Climate

Pink roses in full bloom in November (in northwest Ohio!)

Saturday evening, Mark and I enjoyed dinner out at an uber-cool pub located on the local college campus (I must admit I have a total obsession with their black bean burgers with California-style dressings (fresh avocado included)!).  Afterwards, we decided to walk over to the planetarium to see if we could pick up a schedule of upcoming events being offered there.  

As we stepped outside of the Student Union, I let out a squeal of delight.  Although it was dark, I enjoyed seeing an expansive rose garden (all pink) in nearly full bloom.  Mind you, we've had frost and cooler temps pretty consistently since early October--up here.  Nevertheless, there they were--shrub upon shrub containing awesome blooming pink roses--nearly running the length of the building.

What this sight served to do was to, metaphorically, was remind me that despite whatever proverbial climate I may encounter from time-to-time (e.g. adversity, toxic folks (a.k.a. mean people), challenges, etc.), I (like these lovely roses) can still bloom (meaning: grow, prosper, let my beauty blossom forth, shine my brightest, etc.).  

Sitting down with art journal, in hand, Saturday night, I came up with a few ways to ensure my bloom endures, no matter what climate I may encounter.  Here are a few of my ideas for doing so:
  • carry the proverbial big umbrella (in case someone tries to rain on my parade);
  • be my own she-ro;
  • welcome life's challenges;
  • embrace Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements;
  • laugh at any problems I may encounter;
  • push forward despite any setbacks encountered;
  • as in holding a yoga pose, savor the "burn"when experiencing challenges;
  • despite the barriers, cross the finish line;
  • every day, shine brightly;
  • show up for myself;
  • in every instance, choose love over fear;
  • in trying times, look for the lessons;
  • give gratitude frequently;
  • find each cloud's silver lining;
  • fill life's "gaps" with self-nurturing;
  • seek spiritual support (for me it's often yoga, deep breathing, stillness);
  • avidly pursue my dreams;
  • establish daily intentions;
  • hone my gifts; and
  • affirm!
Despite the cold and gray (and other "climate" issues you may encounter), let yourself continue to bloom!  Joy and peace to you.  T.