Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Owning My Moonlight + Own Business

Ever discount something about yourself; maybe not even claim it?  I’m not necessarily suggesting this is done on purpose, either.  Perhaps, you simply overlook something (e.g. your efforts toward an accomplishment or even a talent you possess).  Despite my ongoing attempts not to, I admit the fact that I still do (at least, from time to time).

Case in point:  Last week, I explored the possibility of submitting a guest post for publication on a favorite author’s blog. Following my submission inquiries, I received a response email asking me various questions regarding my experience as a writer (Sure. No problem!). 

Then, I was asked to discuss a bit about my business (Uh oh, what business?).  Rather than instantly hit the delete button on my computer, I chose to put some space between that email and myself.  Sometimes, a breather is exactly what I need in order to gain resolution.

Turns out this was another one of those times.  Later that evening, while driving home, I discovered something, or rather, owned something about myself.  My art (blog, book, art journaling workshops, etc.) is my business.  No, my (um) ventures do not amass me much mula.  Yes, I do work a day job (40+ hours a week).  Regardless, by the light of the moon, I am living out my dream by pursuing my passions.  Yup, I have a plan and am working toward it.  My business may be in its infancy, but it does exist. 

As a result, I responded in part; explaining the nature of what I do and my current status as someone living a (somewhat) double life (smile).  Happily, I was invited to submit a piece for further consideration (itsy-bitsy, part-time biz and all).

Of course, I’d be thrilled if my post got published on this other blog.  Nevertheless, this whole experience has yielded something of tremendous importance to me--a realization of what I had ignored before this point. 

A couple of years ago, while freelancing as a writer for the Examiner, I wrote an article about women who build their businesses moonlighting while they work for an employer full-time.  It was entitled Moonlight Feels Right: Thoughts on Entrepreneurialism.  From where I stand, here and now; moonlight does feel right, and I own every bit of it!  

If you are so inclined, I hope to see you under the moon's lovely light as well. Hugs!  T.