Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Journaling/Art Journaling: Autumn Equinox Activity

It's almost Autumn (my favorite season)!  Bear with me, please, as I enter a time warp...

You see, I grew up on a farm, and my parents owned a produce market.  Lovely displays of cornstalks, flanked by mounds of pumpkins of every size and type, gourds, squash, decorative corn, apples heaped into white paper bags with handles, glass jugs of apple cider gleaming in the sunlight; naturally, I associate this time of year with the harvesting season. 

Perfect for me (smile), I heard about a lovely fall equinox activity, a few years ago, that deals with harvesting and preparing for what comes afterwards.  With some personalization, it has become a ritual I engage in annually, this time of year.  In fact, it’s generally been the focus of my September artist’s date. 

This form of harvesting, however, has nothing to do with turnips or persimmons, though.  Rather it is about reaping the efforts amassed thus far in this year; assessing, celebrating and utilizing them to further personal abundance even more, which is equally as yummy as the fruits of the fall harvest.

Below is my variation of that exercise, the one I’ve adopted and used these past two years:

Find a cozy, personally-significant or scenic spot for this activity. Have comfort items handy (blanket, throw, pillows, water, hot tea, etc.) Bring your journal and/or art journal and needed supplies. Establish an intention for your efforts. Engage in at least one ritual that is meaningful to you (light a candle, savor a favorite yoga pose, play soothing music, burn incense, etc.). 

Using your journal or art journal (or both (Write; then, collage, paint, etc. your reflections)), respond to the items listed below:

1)    What have I harvested in my life, to date, this year?
2)    How has this harvest enriched my life?
3)    Celebrate and recognize my efforts this year in producing this luscious harvest.  List the “tools” used, time spent, challenges overcome, barriers transcended, growth from previous harvest seasons, etc. Like the sun, use this time to shine brightly on yourself!  
4)    What do I hope to reap from the year’s late harvest (remaining quarter of this year)?
5)    What steps can I take, now, to prepare myself for a bountiful harvest in the coming year?

End your session with a silent meditation, toast, affirmation or other action that resonates.

The autumn equinox is Saturday (September 22).  Guess what I’m doing? :)  T.