Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stillness is Bliss!

Yesterday's artist's date didn't quite go off as originally anticipated...

All began according to plan.  I browsed quaint little shops, bought vintage goodies (smile), walked and savored each sight, every step.  A lovely crisp fall day, it was marked by sunshine and clouds alike.

Late in the afternoon, packages in tow, I dropped by the village coffee house to buy a tea.  On a whim, I bought a highlander grog java ladened with soy milk, instead. Plan deviation aside (wink), turns out I enjoyed every last sip...

Sitting outside, at a cafe table, I pulled my journal from my bag.  Per this femme's already established agenda, it was time for me to engage in an Autumn Equinox reflection activity.  Didn't quite go down that way, though... Instead, I people watched.  I listened to the wind dancing in the trees.  I admired my purchases. I wrote a few lines about my enjoyable afternoon.  I relaxed.

After a short while, I realized I just wasn't going to get into that "reflective space" as planned. Rather than push against myself, I decided to surrender to the gentle urging within--the Wise Self's insistence that I simply be.  You see, more recently I've come to understand that there are times when plans just don't need to be followed.  So, I snuggled up with stillness--sacred stillness...  And, it was sheer bliss; despite this planner extraordinaire's plan gone astray. ;)

Perhaps, today, I will find that reflective space.  If not...I'm guessing I'll be still and savor a bit more stillness-related bliss, which works every bit as well for me.

Joy, peace & bliss to you! T.