Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Art, More Healing

My sincerest gratitude goes out for the emails and comments (both here and on the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page) in response to yesterday's blog post.

I truly believe in the healing power of positive thoughts.  She's got a long road to recovery before her, but following Saturday morning's emergency surgery to alleviate cranial pressure caused from her recent stroke, my dear, sweet sister-in-law is doing a bit better.  Each step forward is exactly that--a step forward.  For that, we are so very thankful.

Following her surgery, I stood in a corridor of the hospital.  There, I felt a moment of calm and joy while viewing a lovely painting of white peonies.  It's featured in the photo above.  In fact, in the neurological intensive care unit of the hospital, lovely, large photographs of flowers were hung outside each patient's room.

There's no doubt that art heals--as do the wonderful thoughts and intentions of those among us.  Again, thank you, Friends!  T.