Thursday, September 13, 2012

Practice Makes Comfy

Hitting it extra hard at the 9 to 5 this week.  It’s the time of year when department heads where I work (including me) prepare our budgets for the coming year. I will admit that I am by no means a “numbers” person.  In fact, long ago (and far away), I would have termed myself somewhat “numbers phobic.” 

With scads of practice, though, I’ve developed a decent level of comfort in working with numbers, budgets, statistics, etc.  You see, that’s the whole point.  The more I engage in budgeting, formulating fiscal projections, using numerical data to document community needs, etcetera; the more proficient and (indeed) relaxed I am with anything related to numbers.

As a grants administrator, I find I’m preparing budgets (and financial reports) of various sorts all throughout the year.  When budget time comes, I find I am far less uncomfortable than some of my counterparts who have much smaller budgets. 

Time and experience has taught me that this same principle can be applied to pretty much any area of my life (building courage, confidence, grace, etc.).  If I want to overcome something (e.g. fear of public speaking) or gain a proficiency within a given area (writing), it is my frequent engagement within that area that will allow me to get comfy with it—in time, maybe even master it.  

Speaking of public speaking… I’m headed to my Toastmasters meeting today at lunchtime, where I’m scheduled to deliver a speech.  Last week’s blog post about my goal setting tips seems to have resonated with a lot of folks. As a result, I have selected this as today’s speech topic.  If you didn’t see that post, feel free to access it here.

What areas in your life are begging for practice?  Engage in them frequently, and find yourself getting a bit more comfy. 

Joy & peace! T.