Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Simple Goal Setting Tips

From my art journal...a goal-setting collage (September 2011)

In response to a couple of recent inquiries, I’ve crafted a simple list of my key tips for goal setting.  I am not going to pretend to be the be-all-end-all authority on goal setting (smile).  The sole purpose of these tips is to merely share with others what works best for me (following years of my own trial and error).  

Establish monthly goals.  Monthly goals are the easiest for me to set, track and, quite frankly, achieve.  I have found this method to be far-less overwhelming than quarterly or even annual goal setting. Monthly goal setting is the bite-sized way to accomplish. Bite-sized works best for me as it makes things more likely to happen.

Goal achievement should be fun!  Every month, I include easy, sometimes indulgent self-care items, artist’s dates, and things I just-plain like to do as a part of my monthly goals.  Even my heavy-duty goals (e.g. launching this blog) are broken into simple steps over a period of months.  “And...the fun?” you ask.  I schedule dates with myself to work on these more challenging tasks, cozying up in front of the fireplace with my laptop, at a favorite local coffee house or on my beloved outdoor patio.  Of course, my work sessions always include something yummy to sip on and candlelight (where possible!).  When good times are involved, I’m far more likely to engage myself.

Visually track your goals.  Mine are recorded into my art journal.  I carve out time each month to create a visually-pleasing collage containing the coming month’s goals.  No less than weekly, I pull out my journal, pore over my goals, and check them off as they are achieved.  Being able to see my monthly plan keeps me focused, progress-bound and more likely to celebrate my attainments (big and small!). 

When it comes to my goals, I am in charge Goal-setting should be about self-love not self-judgment. I do not achieve every goal I establish for myself.  Some goals, I carry forward to the next month.  Others, after careful consideration, I totally remove from my list.  You see, I am in charge of determining the path I wish to take (I heart that part!).  Also, I select how few or many goals I wish to undertake each month.  When I hold the reins; well…that’s not only empowering; it ensures continued success and happiness! 

Please share your goal-setting thoughts with me here on the blog.  I would adore hearing them!  

Joy & peace, T.